Our Services

All of our South Carolina signs service calls require a 2 hour minimum time block. This includes drive time to and from the site. Our service rates are $75 per hour. In addition to providing custom Charleston outdoor business signs and design services to the surrounding area, we also provide an array of repair and maintenance services.

Our services for custom letter signs SC include:

Broken neon repair- each neon unit in need of repair is an average of $65 per unit


Contact us via phone, email, or fax to make an inquiry and we will arrange to provide you with a free consultation or your requirements and initial quotation. We aim to work closely with clients to ensure good communication and regular updates throughout the project.


Whether you have camera ready art, digital files, or a few tattered napkin sketches, Lowcountry Signs can turn your ideas into custom channel letter designs that are sure to get attention. We use the latest software to get designs tailored to your individual requirements.


Lowcountry can arrange for the proper permits that may be needed to ensure proper compliance with municipal ordinances. Our representatives are highly trained professionals, and in many cases we already have completed the research needed to determine the type and size of sign that your municipality will allow.


When the design of your channel letter sign has been finalized we will inform you of the expected production turnaround time and arrange an installation date if required. Lowcountry has access to the latest manufacturing machinery and production techniques to ensure a reliable and durable product.


Our experienced team of installers will deliver your new signage to your premises and will meet with your arranged contact making sure of any access requirements to ensure installation is carried out safely and at your convenience. We can also remove old signage and dispose of it if specified to do so.


We provide maintenance to ANY sign including cleaning, inspection, and replacement of internal components when required. With over 20 years experience there isn’t much we have not seen.

  • Any exterior outdoor lighting issues or bulb replacement including parking lot lighting
  • Sanding and repainting all exterior signage and structures
  • Ballast and transformer replacement
  • Conversions- channel letters can now be converted from neon to LED lighting, saving the customer at least 1/3 of the energy cost to light his or her sign.
  • Neon Lights- Cleaning- bird nest and bug and spider debris can not only shorten the life of your signs but are also a potential fire hazard