Go Green


Using the power of the sun to illuminate your Charleston sign. With plenty of sun here in South Carolina signs can be easily illuminated by the sun with solar panels design specifically for your signs power needs.


Using LED lighting the latest and greatest in lighting your channel letters will not only give you a large savings in powering your sign it will keep the possibility of broken neon releasing mercury.


A simple timer can cut your sign off in the wee hours of the morning when your customers are sleeping or dimming during the day when the sign is more visible can not only make your sign last longer but cut the cost of electricity.


Your old sign may be salvageable. If so we at Low Country Signs can make it like new. Lighting and Refacing your Charleston sign can give extra life and huge savings compared to buying new helping the environment and your bottom dollar.


We can remove your old signs and in most cases recycle up to 80%. Or for a small monthly fee store it for a later date keeping your Charleston sign in a safe place.